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Trustlane Metals Case Study

Company Evolution

Trustlane Metals1 was established in 1981 as a mom and pop metal working shop. When Bellrock met Trustlane, its three owners had grown the company to become North America’s number one supplier in their industry, with over 19,000 clients worldwide. The owners/operators had enormous talent and capacity, but had not found enough time to develop their management team to take the reins in certain areas of the business.  Still, the ownership’s financial acumen helped the company remain profitable, whereas other companies experiencing such strain on management would typically flounder.


Despite their success, the owners, working as senior managers, were stretched to their limits. A sound marketing strategy and great products were making revenue growth a reality, but company processes were not in a place to support the growth trajectory. How could Trustlane continue to grow without burning out its ownership? They needed to build both a strong set of foundational processes and increase the skills of the next-level management team to reduce dependency on the owners. The owners’ goals included:

  • Raising the management competency of existing managers and supervisory staff to support the anticipated growth.
  • Improving sales results through more effective use of the already developed sales funnel and CRM.
  • Re-orienting the marketing department to operate more cohesively and strategically.
  • Increasing revenue by 20% while maintaining profit margins.


Working together for six months, Bellrock, the ownership, and the management team:

  • Established a tactical planning & execution system for the marketing department.
  • Trained and embedded the sales funnel and measurement tools with local and remote sales staff.
  • Provided in-depth customized management training to increase the capability of supervisory staff and managers.
  • Improved formal communication forums and accountability systems.
  • Developed planning & scheduling tools to improve prioritization of activities.

Results – One Year Later

  • Revenue increased 22% and the company experienced two record breaking sales months during the engagement.
  • Succession was achieved, with the CEO able to hand over the reins and spend more time on other passions.
  • A more cohesive marketing team learned to work in a structured and prioritized fashion to meet higher level objectives.
  • Increased follow-through on commitments and created a leaner company through reliable accountability systems.
  • Full implementation and use of the CRM.
  • Many tools created for the sales and marketing departments proved useful enough to be implemented throughout the company.

1. Company name changed for confidentiality reasons. No other details were changed in the case study.

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