Revenues had grown quickly, but so had the challenges associated with growth. With two small children at home, and thirty-nine staff members at work, Jeremy was finding himself stretched too thin to see change initiatives in the estimating and project management systems through to completion. Why wasn’t profit growing at the same rate as the revenue? How would he be able to hand off some of his massive workload without destroying the hard won reputation by having things fall through the cracks?

Jeremy’s goals included: 

  • Increasing profit.
  • Building a proficient and efficient management team.
  • Being recognized as the number one landscape contractor in Vancouver.
  • Being able to take holidays without having to worry about the business while away.


Houston Landscapes engaged Bellrock to support them with strategic planning and implementation of key systems.

Strategic Planning

Bellrock facilitated a new annual strategic planning process that included the entire management team, creating buy-in for new initiatives and common goals.


Bellrock was also embedded into Houston Landscapes’ environment to assist with the development and implementation of foundational contractor controls as well as measurement and process systems. Working closely with Jeremy and his team, we:

  • Built a company-wide process flowchart that clarified activities and accountability for all staff and set the stage for the documentation of key processes and procedures.
  • Implemented contractor controls that set clear priorities and expectations for project managers and foreman, clarified methodologies for managing the staff, and allowed for the tracking of progress against those expectations.
  • Shored up the cash flow forecasting system to manage the cyclical nature of the business.


One Year Later

  • Almost 4x profit margins
  • Cash position improved significantly
  • Projects routinely coming in on or under budget
  • Improved teamwork between the office and field staff
  • Jeremy began delegating to management, freeing his time for higher-value activities
  • Houston’s profile (and revenue) grew in the Vancouver marketplace

“I’ve worked with many consultants but working with Bellrock has been a much different experience. You guys not only discuss what needs to get done, you actually help make it happen and ensure that the change sticks as habit.”