About 50 years after its founding, the family business was in transition from the second generation to the third, with brothers Matt and Justin Williams taking control. Matt had been working in operations and estimating for over a decade and Justin had recently taken on a sales role in the company after completing his Engineering degree at UBC. The business had largely been built around the forestry industry, selling saw guides to BC’s lumber mills.

At the time of engaging Bellrock, the forestry industry was decimated by the pine beetle and the global economy was suffering. While Con (the father) did not want to continue his day-to-day involvement in the business, he felt it necessary to stay and help shepherd the business through these difficult times. Significant hurdles still needed to be overcome.

The company’s goals included:

  • Developing and implementing their succession plan.
  • Diversifying their product offering into automation.
  • Strengthening the leadership skills of the new owners and defining their roles.
  • Developing a formalized sales process and training US-based representatives.


Williams and White engaged Bellrock and we worked closely with their family for three months.

Strategic Planning

Bellrock facilitated strategic planning for Williams and White that included developing their vision and tactical plans. We helped them be accountable to their goals by creating timelines for implementation.


Bellrock supported them with the implementation of a few foundational tools. Working closely with them, we:

  • Designed, documented, and trained the Williams and White Sales Process.
  • Implemented a variety of financial systems including cash flow forecasting, AR controls, and budgeting.
  • Completed an organizational redesign that facilitated the father’s exit from the business and division of labour for the two sons.

“Bellrock’s staff were all diligent, detailed oriented, and committed to our project. What I liked a lot was that they packaged those best practices with our information to create systems specifically for Williams and White. They helped us bring theory into reality.”


Two Years Later

  • 50% revenue increase
  • Robotic automation grew from 10% to 30% of top-line revenue
  • The brothers took full responsibility for the company’s operation, embracing their roles and the division of labour.
  • They became sales and marketing experts – their open house alone attracted 200+ industry people visiting in one day. One vendor commented: “This was the best trade show I’ve attended in 10 years.”

Four Years Later – Awards

  • Innovator of the Year, 2013
  • Best Employer, 2012 and 2013
  • Small Business of the Year, 2012
  • Best Company, 2012

“We’ve tripled in size (2019) and are still using some of the tools you implemented in 2008.”