When Bellrock started working with Twin Lions, the company had several successful projects under its belt and Kevin Hatch was in the process of bringing on another partner, Ben McKeen. They had built their business by developing uncommonly strong relationships with their suppliers and always exceeding customer expectations.

While clients, staff, and vendors were all thrilled to work with Twin Lions, the profit of the company was not reflecting this success. Kevin and Ben felt like they were working harder to get the same financial results as when they were a much smaller company.

“We had reached a point in the company where we knew we needed to do something, but we didn’t really know what. We were growing at huge rate, working like crazy, yet profits weren’t coming close to reflecting the work we were putting in. It was getting disheartening.”

They wanted to:

  • Create a long-term plan for the business.
  • Grow in a scaleable, profitable manner with streamlined processes and systems.
  • Reward their team for their contributions.


Twin Lions engaged Bellrock with an initial project that spanned 9 months with several follow-up engagements.

Strategic Planning

Bellrock facilitated several strategic planning sessions for Twin Lions to focus priorities and create the long-term path for the company. We helped them be accountable to their goals and respond to changes by making strategic planning a regular process.


Bellrock was embedded into Twin Lions’ environment for about 9 months to assist with the implementation of foundational contractor controls as well as process and accountability systems. Working closely with their entire team, we:

  • Revamped their estimating and quoting system to streamline the generation of estimates and quotes for clients.
  • Implemented job costing, time tracking, and invoicing systems so that progress could be communicated on projects to clients while keeping track of change orders.
  • Implemented a document tracking system to embed company knowledge and set quality standards for their work.
  • Designed an organizational structure that provided staff with long-term career paths in the company.

Management Training

Kevin, Ben, and their team participated in our Management Foundations training program delivered via workshops and 1:1 coaching. This program helped to make the systems that Twin Lions had implemented stick and embedded better practices for leadership and management in their team.

“Your comment that we should be able to see a 2:1 return on the bottom line for anything we do with you sure came true. We’re in a completely different place than we were a year ago.”


One Year Later

  • In just one year, hit 5 year targets for revenue and profitability
  • 180% revenue increase
  • 1,844% profit increase

Two Years Later

Bellrock continued to work with Twin Lions on subsequent follow-up engagements and:

  • 34% increase in revenue year over year
  • 179% increase in profit year over year
  • Kevin and Ben finally took some well-earned vacations

Twin Lions continues to hold regular strategic planning sessions with Bellrock’s involvement.

“Bringing in Bellrock has been one of the best business decisions we have made.”