The business was successful out of the gate until a significant market downturn caused the industry to flag. Instead of contracting, Scott took the bold move of recruiting top leaders in the industry to prepare for an eventual turnaround. He had his eye on rapid growth throughout Western Canada. One of his frustrations was the difficulty to measure performance in his organization. After attending a TEC Canada workshop that Tara Landes offered on benchmarking business performance, Scott engaged Bellrock to perform an analysis to identify areas of strength and weakness and develop a roadmap to his goals.

The leadership wanted to:

  • Identify the processes and procedures to win the competitive bids they wanted.
  • Gain alignment for the whole company on its vision and values.
  • Diversify Iconic’s services.
  • Develop a high-performance team.


Over a period of roughly two weeks, Bellrock investigated Iconic’s current systems and processes, met with leaders and staff, and surveyed the employees and clients to see what was working, what wasn’t, and where there was room to improve. Bellrock built a roadmap for Iconic to achieve their goals and the leadership team agreed to engage in the changes needed to propel the business forward.

Strategic Planning

Bellrock facilitated several strategic planning sessions for Iconic to help them define their vision (purpose, values, and BHAG) and set strategic goals. The leadership was engaged to execute on the action plans developed to hit these goals.


Bellrock was also embedded into Iconic’s environment for about 8 months to assist with the development and implementation of the changes discussed in analysis. Working with the leadership and key staff, together we:

  • Implemented a quality management system, documenting key processes and ensuring sufficient procedural documentation was in place to support the staff.
  • Created a robust organizational structure with an eye to growth and set explicit expectations and performance measures via job descriptions. A performance evaluation system was also implemented.
  • Developed and trained the communication systems to maintain alignment and accountability, including weekly tactical and daily huddle meetings.
  • Implemented regular project meetings to increase redundant communication and capture key project information throughout. This included project kickoffs and postmortem meetings.


1.5 Years Later

  • 250% revenue increase from 2017
  • Profit holding steady
  • As a result of the quality management and documentation systems, Iconic is able to quickly respond to requests from clients and able to remove roadblocks to documentation processes on large projects.
  • Iconic expanded! Calgary head office expanded, an Edmonton office opened, and expansion into Ontario is on the horizon. Additionally, Iconic now has a civil contracting division and a distribution division.

“We would have been hard pressed to work with some of the big clients we have now if we hadn’t had Bellrock’s help in putting the systems in place.”