The Cross has been growing ever since they opened.

With growth, however, a series of challenges confronted Stephanie. How to properly address the new demands of a growing business and save enough personal time for family and leisure? How to inspire while simultaneously holding accountable new and existing staff? And, how to better understand the financial implications of decisions made?

She wanted to:

  • Keep the company healthy and solid
  • Draw an additional $100k out of the business annually
  • Create a management team and improve her delegation skills
  • Have more time to spend with her family


The Cross engaged Bellrock with an initial project that spanned several months and additional engagements.


Bellrock was embedded into The Cross’ environment for several months to help Stephanie achieve her goals. Working closely with their team, we:

  • Redefined and shaped Stephanie’s role as President, and how she could lead for greatest impact.
  • Improved Stephanie’s delegation skills and ability to weigh decisions based on financial and qualitative analysis.
  • Developed leadership skills in key managers.
  • Implemented accountability systems, driving actions needed for profitability.
  • Shored up measurement systems for financial controls and sales.

“Just having you here is giving me the ability to have more conversations with my people. I am really starting to see and understand the bigger picture.”


Six Months Later

  • Hit annual sales targets despite a difficult first quarter.
  • Stephanie was able to delegate and free up time for strategic business planning, which included two full days of uninterrupted time to reflect on next season’s trends as part of a buying trip.
  • She also had her sales manager on the trip who returned to share info with the staff (this used to fall on Stephanie’s shoulders).
  • Marketing plans now exist and are executed.
  • Staff engagement, although already high, continues to improve. This is demonstrated by employees’ sales results, new leaders taking on responsibilities, and career paths toward interior design work being forged.
  • Stephanie knows where and how she will get her increased revenue.

“What they did was amazing. I am feeling so much more confident. I now know what I need to do as the leader of the business.”