Starting in 1989 with a single office, the company grew organically to five offices throughout BC and Alberta. 2009 saw the completion of a succession plan that brought a new generation into positions of ownership and senior management. They were bright, eager, and had 45 staff to keep busy. In only two years they increased sales dramatically, but profitability was not keeping pace. They needed a more professional operational approach but couldn’t find time to work on it. With young children at home and more than full-time jobs, they knew part-time MBAs were unrealistic – but so was continuing to manage their business off the sides of their desks.

Self described as biologists with no formal management training, they recognized that the systems and processes they had could not take them to where they wanted to be.

Their goals were to:

  • Double in revenue over the next 2-3 years.
  • Grow the company by another 15-25 people.
  • Unify the five offices to work cohesively rather than in silos.
  • Create a better work-life balance for the senior executive team.


Triton engaged Bellrock with an initial project that spanned 6 months, plus several follow-up strategic planning engagements.

Strategic Planning

Bellrock facilitated several strategic planning sessions for Triton to focus priorities and create the long-term growth plan for the company. We helped them be accountable to their goals and respond to changes by making strategic planning a regular process.


Bellrock was embedded into Triton’s environment for about 6 months to assist with the implementation of several foundational systems. Working closely with their team, we:

  • Restructured the company for future growth while providing staff with higher potential and broader career options.
  • Implemented communication systems to more effectively share information throughout the organization.
  • Created monitoring and reporting tools including budgets, cash flow forecasts, and dashboards.
  • Implemented resource management systems to increase scheduling effectiveness and provide staff with better work-life balance.
  • Standardized project controls across the organization to capture scope changes and expansions while providing feedback mechanisms for continuous improvement.

“People have been begging for structure for years. All the systems are very positive things.”



  • The company enjoyed the most profitable month in its history
  • Annual profits tripled compared to the previous year

Three Years Later

  • 218% revenue increase
  • 450% pre-tax profit increase
  • Over 160 staff employed
  • The company’s ERP system is fully implemented and the management team reviews metrics weekly to make informed decisions
  • Staff from geographically dispersed offices are communicating better and forming more multi-disciplinary teams

“Central to our success enabling us to grow from 30 to over 160 people was not slipping back into old habits. Bellrock not only helped train and implement what was missing, they taught us how to embrace change. We continue to use these skills regularly to keep improving our business. I never want us to stop using what Bellrock taught us.”