When RAD first contacted Bellrock in 2018, they were in another growth phase and were looking for help organizing the business from the top down. Challenged by an ever-increasing backorder list and a lack of space, as well as frustrations with organizational design, a fresh perspective was needed.

On top of the growing orders, tariffs had increased material costs and 3rd party work was coming back with inconsistent quality, forcing more inhouse re-work. Additionally, staff were looking to grow their careers and wanted guidance.

The leadership’s goals included:

  • Defining roles and clarifying duties of the management team.
  • Upskilling key staff through management training.
  • Improving the motivation and satisfaction of all employees.
  • Increasing sales in a controllable manner.
  • Creating structure and efficiency in the engineering department.


RAD engaged Bellrock with an initial project that spanned a full year with several follow-up engagements.

Strategic Planning

RAD engaged Bellrock with an initial project that spanned a full year with several follow-up engagements.


Bellrock was also embedded into RAD’s environment for a year to assist with the development and implementation of foundational systems. Working closely with their leadership and management teams, we:

  • Redesigned the organizational structure to reflect their needs and identified gaps in their teams.
  • Aided them in recruiting and onboarding new members of the executive team to fill identified gaps.
  • Implemented job descriptions and a performance management system for all staff.
  • Documented their processes including accounting, manufacturing, and shipping, and prioritized needed procedures.
  • Reinforced a set of meeting rhythms including regular strategic meetings, departmental meetings, and daily huddles.

Management Training

16 of RAD’s key people participated in our Management Foundations training program delivered via workshops and 1:1 coaching. This program helped to make the systems that they had implemented stick and embedded better practices for leadership and management in their team.

“Bellrock’s training has helped increase my confidence as a manager 100% from where it was.”


1 1/2 Years Later

  • 30% sales increase year over year
  • The new executive team has been a crucial part of managing growth
  • Staff have their roles and responsibilities clearly defined and are getting regular feedback
  • Based on the process flow work and sales growth, RAD identified the need to move into a single, 60,000 square foot facility in 2020.


“Bellrock helped me to be a better manager and employee. I now have the skills to coach my direct reports and the insight on how to present myself to my manager. Work will always present challenges, both in managing staff and handling my own workload, but I can now tackle them with proven tools.”