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Process and Procedures

Many successful companies are where they are today because of the processes they developed as they grew. Learning through experience, they quickly adapted until they found something that worked. Ironically, it’s those same ad-hoc systems and processes that might be holding your organization back.

Many leaders we speak to know there is potential locked up in all aspects of their business operations. Yet when they speak to their managers, they are told there is no time to work on the business – everything else seems to be top priority.

Bellrock’s process benchmarking analysis provides leaders with the information they need to grow more efficient companies. After our analysis, they can immediately focus their efforts on the largest areas for improvement and start documenting these improvements in a standardized way.

Together, we help our clients with:

  • Macro process flows that illustrate how work progresses through organizations from start to finish. It is the foundation for the accountability systems that define who does what. Organizations use process flows to ensure consistency, increase efficiency, facilitate training, and reduce errors
  • Standardized operating procedures (SOPs) that provide additional step-by-step details not found in the macro process flow. These procedures help ensure that staff work from a standardized template instead of their last application.
  • Organization-wide systems that standardizes how core company documents (processes, procedures, templates, etc.) are shared, stored, and updated.
  • Training staff to develop process flows and procedures with a “train-the-trainer” orientation to deepen in-house skills.
  • Quality control and continuous improvement programs

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