Our Philosophy

“To learn and not to do is really not to learn.” Stephen Covey, American Educator

To understand our training programs you must first understand how they evolved. Bellrock was founded as a consulting company, but one that actually implements the solutions we recommend. That means our solutions are proven and practical. If it’s all theory, it won’t work. If the tools we train aren’t robust enough to appeal to a wide variety of situations and industries, they aren’t worth training. No matter what industry we were consulting in, the leaders and managers had similar questions, like:

  • “How can I get them to just do what I need them to do?”
  • “I gave them a bonus and now it’s expected. How am I supposed to motivate them?”
  • “How can I find the right people?”
  • “I spend so much time in meetings. When am I supposed to get work done?”

Beyond Theory

These questions are common to all leaders and managers, across all industries. Most of our participants originally went to school to be carpenters, engineers, lawyers, manufacturers, or marketers. Once they mastered their trade, some got promoted into leadership or management under the assumption that a good technician = a good manager. But technical skills aren’t the same as leadership and management skills. That’s the gap our training bridges and we do it via workshops.

You can’t learn to swim by watching swimming on TV. Sure, the theory is there, but if you want to be a swimmer, you must get in the water. Similarly, with business training, even the best programs delivered to the most diligent students only scratch the surface when it comes to learning. People learn best when they use what they learn and apply the tools. The learning gets embedded even further when they try to teach the techniques to others. Our training is always accompanied by activities to try back at the office, and 1:1 coaching to help with accountability and skill development.

“Bellrock’s training has fundamentally changed how I approach my business and how I work with my team. They’ve given me more than tools and techniques for working with others…it’s really helped improve my mindset and communication as a leader and business owner.”

Training Programs

Great leaders and managers are not born. We make them. We draw on decades of practical experience and research to deliver the most actionable, practical, and valuable training programs on the market.

management training program

Management Foundations

Management Foundations teaches you how to effectively recruit, direct, develop, and motivate your staff. We go beyond just theory – we work with you to apply proven techniques to your unique situation.

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leadership training sessions

Leadership Foundations

Propel your leadership and management practice to the next level with Leadership Foundations. Learn how to have tough conversations, manage up, lead change, and more.

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Private Training

For organizations who wish to participate in our public programs but would like additional support for their teams, we can provide facilitated debriefs to help implement the learning from each module. We also offer private training on a case-by-case basis for larger organizations that want to run sessions exclusively and/or would like to customize the curriculum

More Information

If training sounds like something you might be interested in but you want to speak to someone first, let’s chat.