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How to Improve RFP Responses

Developing a great RFP response is expensive. The labour alone, not to mention the opportunity cost of selecting one RFP to bid on over another, makes any loss significant. Yet all too often companies throw their RFP response together at the last minute instead of taking the time to measure and evaluate their process for responding to Requests for Proposals.

Is your company one of those?

Simply put, being competitive in an RFP process is essential for companies of every size. Most leaders know this, but the people responsible for RFP responses are often:

  • Weakly applying the best practices for winning proposals, if at all; and
  • Waiting for RFPs to drop before initiating the sales process with that client.

Benchmarking specifically targets the best practices for developing a routine and efficient process to bring your proposals to the top of the pile and give them the highest probability of being short listed for the right reasons – not for the lowest price. Bellrock teaches companies practical, immediately achievable actions to help teams to win more RFPs more often and more profitably. We’re results-oriented, project based, and here to help. Fill out the form below to find out more, today.