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Managing Sales Teams

Your sales people are driving you crazy. You know there is a market for what you create, because you’ve been selling it for years. The problem is you are the one who knows how to sell it. The sales people you hire are good – some are very good, actually – but their results are unpredictable. How can you forecast revenue when large sales that were supposed to materialize never do, and others show up out of the blue?

Sales management is a whole other story. You know there is a system for this stuff – after all, the big guys have one – but when you hire people with great track records who used to work for the big guys, it never works out. You are starting to believe that sales really is an art that can’t be trained or managed. But sales training and sales management obviously work for your larger competitors or they wouldn’t be spending money on it. Their sales people know how to use a system once it is in place, but you need someone who can build the system.

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