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top-of-the-world You’ve been promoted to a management position for the exact same reason your managers were promoted before you – because you are great at your job and you get results. You now have more money, a better office and a title you can be proud of. You’ve made it.

But there’s just one little problem. Management itself is a technical skill. You might be the best at doing the work, but you’ve never had to get it done through other people before – and you still feel that it’s easier and faster just to do it yourself. You look to your boss for an example of how to motivate and delegate work, but he doesn’t seem to be any better at it than you are. So you work even harder, now trying to do both your work and your team’s. It is exhausting. Something’s gotta give. You need management training.

What does a great manager do, anyway?

Great managers blend practical experience with scientific analysis and systems to motivate, train and direct people so that the team’s output is greater than the sum of its parts. They implement the processes and systems required to execute the leader’s vision. This can be a tough transition, especially for people who are accustomed to doing the work instead of working through others.

“Building better managers, building better teams”

The lineup of books, tapes, podcasts and courses on management training seems endless, yet most managers are too busy to figure out which books to read, what principles apply to their unique environment, or how to customize training to make it effective and its implementation routine. Instead, you do the best you can with what you know already, learning through painful trial and error. Unfortunately, managers who don’t get the help they need begin to feel helpless and isolated.

Bellrock’s management training helps busy and overworked managers take control of their time, feel less stressed and become more effective at their jobs. The tools we teach come from decades of research and can be implemented immediately throughout an organization. Our leadership development and management training programs (offered in multi-company and private training settings) empower managers and create a support network for them to learn together. One-on-one coaching takes it a step further, directly implementing the tools and principles in your business. Not only does our management training build better managers – it also builds more effective management teams.

What are our customers saying?

“Having all of our managers participate in the Management Training Program, we are taking the next steps with confidence in to the future to make us a truly great company.”

– Frank Riccardi, Geomatics Group Manager, R.F. Binnie & Associates Ltd.

Bellrock’s tenacious commitment to working with the senior management group and to promote accountability has had a powerful and positive impact on unifying the senior management team, and in improving overall business performance. Bellrock goes beyond making recommendations for change and improvement, to being directly & actively involved in implementing that required change.”

– President, company name withheld.

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