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How to Write a Vision or Mission Statement

What exactly are mission, vision, purpose, and values statements? The mission is what your company does today and possibly how you are currently differentiated from your competitors. A vision is a picture of the company’s future state – sometimes defined by the BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). The purpose is the “why” of the business – why does the company even exist? The values are how you conduct yourselves on the path to that vision.

Your company’s high level strategic plan can be encapsulated in its vision, mission, and values. Could there be anything more important than the ability to clearly communicate to your clients, your staff, your suppliers and your future employees the answers to questions about why you exist, where you are going, and how you do business?

Unfortunately, most leaders treat the mission, vision, and values as marketing exercises destined for brochure copy and not much more. They spend a couple of hours wordsmithing an agreed-upon list with a committee – and voila! Marketing taglines and snappy website copy as far as the eye can see.

Do your Vision Statement, Mission Statement and Values Statements get you the results you deserve?

The quality of these statements is very straightforward to measure. Cover the logo beside your statements. Now read them again. If your vision statement or values could apply to any one of your competitors…if they aren’t unique to your company…your statement isn’t up to snuff and your ability to communicate strategic direction to your employees, your customers and prospective new recruits is impeded.

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