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Managing Company Acquisitions

You’ve worked hard to build the resources and systems that make your company run like a well-oiled machine. Now you’ve started to wonder how to accelerate your company’s growth even further. Pursuing company acquisitions seems like a natural next step to keep your business growing.

Acquiring a company may be the best and fastest way to enter new markets and realize economies of scale. Almost all of the world’s conglomerates are where they are today because of successful company acquisitions.

Yet for every successful company acquisition, there are countless failed attempts. Despite the work of smart, hard-working managers, problems with systems and culture integration can create toxic work environments, decreased profit and even a decrease in over-all business valuation. Stress levels rise, and in extreme cases owners are forced to sell their acquisition, often at a loss.

Bellrock’s company acquisition consulting services help clients avoid these pitfalls. As part of due diligence or immediately post-acquisition, Bellrock completes:

  • Customer surveys
  • Employee surveys
  • System and process analysis
  • Management team evaluations
  • Strategic planning
  • Strategic plan execution

We work with the leadership team to prioritize improvement initiatives and in many cases deploy our staff full time in the new environment to implement the change management plan.  While everyone is getting used to the new environment, Bellrock is getting to work; shoring up the foundational systems in the new company to ensure a smooth transition.

Post-acquisition, we help companies integrate their systems and cultures through business operations consulting coupled with management training. Our clients become more efficient sooner and employees are more engaged, leading to higher employee retention and a happier workforce.

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