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There is a strong correlation between the performance of the leader and the organization’s performance itself. In times of change, leadership development is an important determinant of success. The organizations that enjoy the highest returns on any change initiative are those with leaders who:

  1. Model the way. Modeling means going first and living the behaviors you want others to adopt. This is called leading from the front. People believe not what their leaders say, but what they see leaders doing consistently. Leaders are early adopters of innovation and they can show others how that innovation will make the organization better.
  2. Inspire a shared vision. Leaders have the management skills to communicate the importance of activities that allow the realization of an organization’s strategic direction. It’s not fear or reward that motivates people – it’s ideas that capture their imagination, ideas they can believe in. This is not just about having a vision but communicating it so that others can articulate the same vision and goals in their own words.
  3. Encourage. People perform best when they are passionate about what they are doing. Leaders unleash their followers’ enthusiasm through their own stories and passions. Leaders motivate staff to excel and set priorities that work for the organization.
  4. Enable others to act. Encouragement alone is not enough. People must feel able to act, and only then can they effectively put their ideas into action. Leaders design an organization that supports their strategy, including the allocation of tasks to ensure coordination and effectiveness. Leaders help staff set priorities among those activities or provide clear direction on how to set those priorities.

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