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How quickly a company can respond to events is dictated in part by its communication systems. When properly implemented, these systems ensure that information flows up and down the organization. The faster the information can flow, the more effective a business can be.

As part of a company’s communication systems, the right meetings allow for efficient expectation setting and delegation and, when well run, ensure leadership and management teams are effectively identifying strengths and managing issues before they become costly. Particularly in times of growth, contraction, or change, a company can move at the pace of a rocket. The rhythm of communication and the quality of its execution can make the difference between aiming that rocket to the sky vs. to the ground.

Together, we help our clients:

  • Implement The Big Five and other appropriate meetings
  • Determine when to schedule communications, who to include in the different levels of communication, and in what order to introduce topics
  • Identify the key success factors to great meetings
  • Develop the appropriate templates and tools for effective communications
  • Facilitate initial meetings to support leadership

Don’t condemn yourself or your team to death by meeting. Contact us today to find out how we improve your communication systems.