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Twin Lions Contracting Case Study

Background Story

Twin Lions is a North Vancouver based full-service renovations company founded by Kevin Hatch. He decided to branch out on his own after working for several years in the construction industry. When Bellrock started working with Twin Lions, the company had several successful projects under its belt and was in the process of bringing on another partner, Ben McKeen. They had built their business by developing uncommonly strong relationships with their suppliers and always exceeding customer expectations.


While customers, staff, and vendors were all thrilled to work with Twin Lions, the profit of the company was not reflecting this success. Kevin and Ben felt like they were working harder to get the same financial results as when they were a much smaller company.

They wanted to:

  • Grow the business in a scaleable, profitable manner.
  • Reward their team for their contributions.
  • Streamline processes and systems.
  • Create a long-term plan for the business.


Bellrock’s initial project with Twin Lions spanned 9 months with several follow-up engagements. In that time, we:

  • Revamped the entire estimating and quoting system to streamline how estimates and quotes are generated for clients.
  • Implemented job costing, time tracking and invoicing systems so that Twin Lions can communicate progress on projects to clients while keeping track of change orders.
  • Implemented a document tracking system to institutionalize company knowledge and set standards for the quality of Twin Lions’ work.
  • Designed an organization structure that provides staff with long term career paths at Twin Lions.
  • Facilitated several strategic planning sessions to focus priorities and create the long-term path for the company.
  • Delivered management training to the project managers to provide them with the skills they need to advance in the company.

Results – One year later

  • In just one year, Twin Lions hit their 5 year targets for revenue and profitability.
  • Revenues increased by 200%.
  • Profit increased by 1,000%.
  • The company paid out its first Christmas bonuses.

Results – Two years later

Bellrock continued to work with Twin Lions on subsequent follow-up engagements.

  • Revenues increased by 100% year over year.
  • Profit increased by 600% year over year.
  • Kevin and Ben finally took some well-earned vacations.

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