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Diverse Group of Companies Case Study

The Diverse Group of Companies came together in 2009 with a plan to focus on residential, commercial, and recreational real estate in the Fraser Valley. Since then, they have established four divisions: Capital, Development, Construction, and Property Management. In 2018, Diverse was rapidly expanding after a series of intelligent land acquisitions. With an ambitious senior management team, Diverse was looking to expand its share of the market in the Fraser Valley and BC Interior through increased vertical integration and expansion of its service offerings.

Strategic Planning

Diverse engaged Bellrock for a two day off-site strategic planning session in the spring of 2018 to:

  • Clarify sales, financial, and operational goals for the next 5 years
  • Define roles for all staff, including the leadership team
  • Identify areas where more robust systems and procedures could help the business continue to thrive

They have continued to hold regular off-site planning sessions with Bellrock’s involvement.


Bellrock was also embedded into the Diverse environment for about 6 months in 2018 to assist with the development and implementation of foundational process controls, people systems, and communication systems to support the company’s growth. Working with the staff and leadership, Bellrock helped Diverse:

  • Document each step in both the development and construction processes and identify critical improvement areas as well as areas lacking documentation.
  • Implement a standardized documentation system to capture in-house knowledge for easier training and to help define the “Diverse Way”.
  • Create job descriptions for all staff, as well as a way to measure performance against the descriptions.
  • Build a dashboard to measure what matters and allow the leadership to keep abreast of their company’s most important metrics.
  • Hold the leadership accountable to their goals and respond to changes through continued quarterly strategic planning sessions

In 2019, 17 people (34% of the staff) participated in a nine-month Management Foundations training program delivered via workshop and 1:1 coaching. This program deeply entrenched the culture and systems Diverse had codified. Three years later, employee retention of this cohort is 88%.

Results – 1 Year Later

  • Revenue increased 40% and profit increased 43% year over year.
  • This growth allowed for an office expansion and staff increase from 29 to 50 people. Leadership noted that the continued use of written procedures have greatly aided them in attracting and retaining great staff.
  • All staff have job descriptions and a regular performance evaluation system is in place.
  • Ongoing strategic planning has allowed the leadership to continually assess their goals and core values, as well as keep on track to achieving their strategy.
  • In fall 2019 Diverse entered 20 leaders and managers into Bellrock’s Management Foundations program.

Results – 4 Years Later

The Diverse leadership team remains committed to their strategic planning and communication rhythms which have facilitated:

  • The growth trajectory continued as their revenue and profit have grown by 125%.
  • Increased production by doubling the number of completed units since 2018.
  • Geographic expansion to the interior of BC.
  • Addition of 70% more staff and strong employee engagement with only 12% turnover.
  • Client Net Promoter Score increase of 33%.

“My favourite thing about Bellrock is that you fix the problems, permanently.”

  • Mark Paxian, CFO, Diverse Properties

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