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Our Management Consultants

Bellrock is a Vancouver-based boutique management consulting firm.

But different.

We believe that smart, hardworking business leaders deserve to be profitable and less stressed but don’t always have the right tools to get there on their own. We fill the gaps for you and your management team – an MBA in a box, customized to your company – whether the focus needs to be strategy, leadership, sales, or operations. We’ve got the tools and we show you how to use them to get results.

  • Fresh Perspective: All engagements start with a “process benchmarking”. It’s a quick, cost-effective way to prioritize the improvements that give you the biggest bang for your effort (whether we’re involved or not).
  • Embedded: We don’t just tell your people what to do. We help them do it. We stand shoulder to shoulder, designing, documenting, training and having the new systems running independently of our involvement. Then we hand it back to the managers to keep it going and enjoy the results.
  • Project Based: We like our clients, we really do. But we don’t want to work with them forever. We prefer intense, no nonsense, results based projects where we can get in, get out, and have them reap the benefits they’ve sown for years to come.
  • Results: It is critical that our clients get results. If they don’t, they won’t tell others about us. That’s why we’re all employees of the firm. Many consultancies are independent contractors that band together for business development purposes. At Bellrock, we were all trained the same way and work together every time. We are efficient, effective, and none of us get paid if you aren’t satisfied.

Meet our dynamic team of management consultants, led by Tara Landes. We’re here to help your business get the results you deserve.

Tara Landes, President & Founder

In 2008, Tara relocated to her original home of Vancouver, BC and founded Bellrock Benchmarking. She had joined a Toronto-based consultancy in 2000, bringing several years of sales experience in the technology and public market sectors. In her role as Director of Implementation Services for that firm, Tara spent most of her time implementing lasting, valuable change for clients. She was involved in researching and disseminating best practices across the implementation team, and ensuring positive results for each client.

A sought-after speaker on a wide range of business topics, Tara obtained a BA (Honours) in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario and earned an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario. (More)

Tara Landes, Founder and President

Gabriel Dhahan, Consultant

An experienced professional, Gabe is known for his broad technological knowledge and his ability to explain complex concepts and ideas. He has worked with small business clients in construction, food service, digital marketing, distribution, and more. Like the rest of the team, he is passionate about solving tough problems and enjoys digging in to ensure that leaders achieve lasting, valuable change.

Before Bellrock, Gabe spent 10 years in the information technology consulting world. He earned his MBA from Royal Roads University and recently completed the Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) Program through the Family Enterprise Xchange. He is also a fundraising volunteer for a local women’s shelter and participated as a mentor in YWCA’s NextStep program. Gabe is a voracious reader and enjoys practicing mixed martial arts (but not at the same time). (More)

Adam Holcombe, Consultant

Adam brings a well-rounded set of professional skills gained through progressively more senior roles in small business. Early in his career, Adam noticed that organizations were lacking the same fundamental systems time and time again, and has worked since then to learn, teach, and implement these systems. Using his knowledge of the science and psychology of change, Adam is passionate about making real, lasting improvements in small businesses.

After working in hospitality and retail management, Adam honed his research skills in academia where he specialized in neuroscience, social psychology, and consumer behaviour. His research has been featured in major publications including the L.A. Times, Huffington Post, and CBC. He earned his MBA from the Beedie School of Business at SFU. Outside of work, you will find him pursuing a secret life as a pro-level cyclist. (More)

Nick McGrath, Consultant

Nick has honed his craft over more than 10 years working at large and small businesses in several industries. Always enjoying a mix of field and office experience, he views business from different perspectives. With a detail-oriented focus on understanding how things really work, Nick enjoys exploring complex systems to discover actionable insights. He is passionate about helping people solve problems to make their businesses thrive.

Before Bellrock, Nick worked as a professional engineer in the aerospace industry using finite element models and hundreds of Excel spreadsheets to analyze aircraft structural repairs. Looking for new challenges, Nick was drawn to the people side of the business and completed an MBA at the Sobey School of Business in Halifax, NS. During that time, he managed a group of aeronautical engineering specialists and developed new systems to improve communication, productivity, and employee morale. Afterwards he led product development at a Halifax tech start-up building tools to enhance occupational health and safety in medium-sized businesses. (More)

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