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    Bellrock Sales Training

    Who needs this training?

    Small Business Sales Training You believe your results could be even better than they already are. You don’t have time to participate in generic group sessions designed for the lowest common denominator, for a variety of industries, or covering topics you have already mastered. You want a course that is tailored specifically to you.

    Bellrock’s custom sales training is the solution.

    What is the format?

    Sales Training
    • Eight, classroom training sessions covering the core modules of effective marketing and sales. We book 3 hours but they go as long as necessary, depending on the questions and interaction in the group. Want to see the course modules?
    • Eight, 1-hour water-cooler workshop sessions. These drop-ins allow participants to discuss how they have applied the learning from previous sessions and gain additional training on particular concepts.

    What makes this program unique?

    Participants in the program will learn how to apply an advancement-driven funnel to their unique company situation. This experiential program trains both the art and process of sales, using your real world examples in real time so learning is immediately translated into action and results.

    Take your performance from good to great.

    What is the schedule?

    Because the program is custom to you, start and end dates are flexible. Classes typically occur bi-weekly.

    What does sales training cost?

    The cost per participant is $3,957 + GST. There are typically a minimum of 10 participants per program, and no more than 20.

    Is financial assistance possible?

    Yes! Many businesses are eligible for financial assistance via the B.C. Employer Training Grant program (BC ETG). Under their Workforce Training Stream, eligible employers may receive up to 60% of eligible training costs, up to a maximum of $5,000 per participant. Please contact us for more details.

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    Training Modules

    • Account Planning and Time Management – Companies are too often guilty of missing opportunities to delight their clients. This module introduces participants to the science of account management and provides an overview of the key skills that managers need to be successful including time management techniques and how to run effective meetings.
    • Ideal Customer, Target Segments, Differentiators, and Brand Promises – Learn how to identify target segments (client markets and COIs) and ideal customers. Identify your company’s differentiators in the market, brand promises, and what you are best in the world at that will appeal to these segments.
    • Tactical Marketing Plans and Briefs – Equipped with their market definitions, participants will learn the techniques to develop their own tactical plans to approach their selected markets. Training will be focused on idea generation, using simple templates to develop marketing plans, how to structure a marketing brief, and typical agendas for pre- and post-mortems on marketing campaigns.
    • Questions and Objections – The best salespeople know how to ask the right questions that uncover critical information to the sale. Participants in this module learn how to ask these questions and anticipate and preempt objections that may arise.
    • Persuasion and Decision Making – Participants will be exposed to the six elements of successful persuasion and workshop how to weave these tactics into their specific funnels. They will also be exposed to the foundational Prospect Theory and decision-making process research.
    • Managing Yourself – Participants will discover how to absorb feedback in healthy ways, their personal styles of receiving feedback, working in teams, learning styles, and how to explain these traits to others. Also, when and how to ask for help. They will also sleuth out boss’ tendencies and how to manage up.
    • Motivation – This module teaches participants what they can do to prevent that decline and keep themselves and their clients engaged and motivated. Self-motivation and specific tools to assess client and COI motivators will be the focus.
    • Tough Talk: How to Have the Conversations You’ve Been Avoiding – Participants will learn to identify when tough talk is necessary, how to prepare for tough conversations, and practice the art of better communication. They will know how to create a safe environment for communication to unfold and develop an action plan to deal with their toughest roadblocks. They will also learn how to coach others to address the roadblocks in their way and create an environment of direct, non-personal feedback.

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    Who are the instructors?

    • Tara Landes is the Founder and President of Bellrock Benchmarking. She earned her MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario.
    • Gabriel Dhahan is a Consultant at Bellrock Benchmarking. He earned his MBA from Royal Roads University and the Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) designation from Family Enterprise Xchange.
    • Adam Holcombe is a Consultant at Bellrock Benchmarking. He earned his MBA from the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University.
    • Anna Migicovsky is a Consultant at Bellrock Benchmarking. She earned her MBA from the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University.

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    What others are saying

    “Our sales for the months of August and September were up 60% over May when they first started. I attribute much of that lift to their involvement and certainly wasn’t expecting those kinds of short term results!”

    Chris Breikss, Founding Partner
    Major Tom

    “They showed us how to fine tune our selling skills. Sales have increased 20% over last year and we continue to learn and benefit from them.”

    Laura Hansen, President
    The Image Group

    “Mind. Blown. In the hour I spent with Bellrock I learned more about an effective sales process than all the business books I’ve read in the last 10 years. No kidding. Bellrock is highly effective, will provide clear, actionable insight, and know how to make it all work for you.”

    Karyn Zuidinga, Co-Founder


    If this sounds like something you might be interested in, call 604-345-0424 or email [email protected].