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The Playbook to Achieve Business Goals

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Want to run a great company? Set and communicate a great strategy, attract great people, and get the heck out of their way. Whether you’re looking to scale or just operate with less stress, that’s the simple and very difficult secret sauce to mix. Strategy People Understand Strategic planning done well writes the playbook for… Read more »

3 Tips for Great Negotiations

& Sales, Strategy.

Most business leaders spend the majority of their time negotiating. This includes: Convincing customers that the company’s offering will solve their problems Encouraging staff to supply that offering in the best possible way Ensuring contracts are fair to all parties Persuading investors that the company offers the desired return Influencing regulators to support the company’s… Read more »

Answers To Your Top Advisory Board Questions

& Leadership, Strategy.

Advisory board meeting

High-quality, independent advice can have a significant positive impact on a business, yet the Business Development Bank of Canada’s 2014 study of Canadian small and medium-sized businesses found that 76% have neither an Advisory Board nor a Board of Directors. An Advisory Board is an excellent way to get ahead of your competitors. Here are… Read more »

Vision Statements: Don’t Make These Mistakes

& Leadership, Strategy.

Your company’s strategy can be encapsulated in its vision, mission, purpose, and values. Could there be anything more important than the ability to clearly communicate to your clients, your staff, your suppliers and your future employees the answers to questions about why you exist, where you are going, and how you conduct yourself? Unfortunately, most… Read more »

Buying a Business

& Strategy.

There are two major determinants of whether you will make money on a business acquisition:
a) The purchase price and financing.
b) The integration.

Creative Market Segmentation

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I’m in the market for a house. We relocated to Vancouver a couple of years ago and decided to rent until we were more established in the new city. But with two small children and two growing start-up businesses, it’s time to put down some more permanent roots. Now that we’re looking at buying, I find myself closely analyzing the options for contractors and interior designers.

Business Planning

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A client asked me this week, “What are the top five things you would recommend we do differently to really improve our business?” Not that this year was bad¸ but they knew they were capable of so much more.