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The Fundamental Attribution Error

& Accountability.

The Fundamental Attribution Error is a concept in psychology where one attributes others’ actions to their personality or character, while attributing the cause of one’s own actions to the circumstances they find themselves in. In other words, if I do something wrong, I couldn’t help it. If you do something wrong, you could’ve prevented it…. Read more »

How to Run a Great Meeting

& Accountability, Leadership.

When I open a benchmarking analysis, I always ask, “are there any regular meetings coming up?” I’m interested in unraveling the organization’s communication habits. I want to discern the rhythm of communication in the business and also the quality of the execution. Although organizations should hold different types of meetings (Strategic Meetings, Tactical Meetings, One-on-Ones,… Read more »

Management Meetings*: 3 Dos and a Don’t

& Accountability, Leadership.

The most productive management teams meet weekly for 45-60 minutes for an action oriented discussion of short-term results and plans. They use Action Logs to record commitments and a Parking Lot to track important issues that arise but cannot be dealt with efficiently in the meeting itself. This type of meeting is a “Tactical Management… Read more »

The Coaching Conversation

& Accountability, Leadership.

“If we were supposed to talk more than we listen, we would have two tongues and one ear.” – Mark Twain. Michael Bungay Stanier, in his entertaining and easy-to-digest book The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever, outlines the formula for asking great questions that allow you to… Read more »

Break the Procrastination Habit

& Accountability.

Everyone experiences it – knowing something needs to be done but finding every possible reason not to do it. Eventually, the deadline looms and we do it – or we don’t, in which case it probably wasn’t that important anyway. Like most business problems, getting out of the rut requires a clear strategy. Here’s how… Read more »

How to Deal With Problem Employees

& Accountability, Leadership.

Problem employees are middling performers with middling attitudes. Often, they do one or two things very well but are dreadful at others. Sometimes they are capable of doing almost any job in the company, but excel at nothing. Regardless, you know that the people in your company are its greatest asset. You want to treat… Read more »

Never Make These 4 Hiring Mistakes

& Accountability, Leadership.

Recruiting is a process that can be optimized and improved over time. The best companies know this and put their greatest efforts into their “people systems” in an effort to build an engaged workforce. Recruiting is just the first step in that process, and employee engagement starts there. According to Gallup, “Work units in the… Read more »

Worried About Staff Turnover? Face the Fear.

& Accountability, Leadership.

“Can I just book a few minutes with you? It’s important.” Some leaders dread these words. A little attrition is good for an organization, but key people (and any people if the company is small enough) leaving a company can cause inefficiency, disruption, decreased morale, quality issues…not to mention the majority of the work getting… Read more »