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Sharing what we know is the passion that keeps us in business. Here are a few mini-areas that we’ve had time to document for your reading pleasure.

Considerations for Reorganizing a Company

There is no perfect organizational structure. What it can do, however, is provide an operational roadmap that sets the path for the company to achieve its goals. Companies with effective structures typically have employees who understand their specific role in the company. Their priorities are clear – while conflicts may still happen, they can be managed through other systems.

Three Kinds of Estimating Error

Conceptually, there are three major types of estimating error–quantity errors, rate errors and errors of omission. Most companies underestimate how much these errors are costing them and fall victim to “winner’s curse.”

Tradeshow Best Practices

Tradeshows can be excellent sources of new business and great tools to touch base with your clients and suppliers. Many exhibitors are able to generate qualified leads for immediate results as well as initiate relationships that, when nurtured, have the potential for sales down the road.