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Great strategies die without rigourous execution. Our applied program on strategy and implementation combines decades of research on strategic practice with a track record of implementation success to ensure lasting results.

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Custom Strategic Planning and Implementation Training

Bellrock’s unique strategic planning training combines all the elements you need to drive your winning strategy throughout your entire organization. From the boardroom to the field, every aspect of your business will be imbued with the thinking to lift your organization to its full potential. This applied program combines decades of research on strategic practice, a proven track record of implementation success, and hands-on custom training to ensure lasting results.

Who you are

You are a senior leader in your company and know that there is a different path to even better results. Maybe you’ve been exposed to conflicting research on what strategy is or how communications should flow and don’t know where to start. Maybe you’ve tried a few things but want to make sure there isn’t a better way. If you are looking for the “right” way to set and execute your strategy with the added kick of accountability that custom training delivers, this program is for you.

What is the format and cost?

Our strategic planning and implementation training program runs for 12 months. It covers the following content and is customized to suit participant needs:

Strategic Planning Facilitation and Training: Successful companies know not only how to define strategy but also how to execute it throughout the organization. Bellrock ensures that you deeply understand what strategy is and how to apply it in your context. We facilitate and train five full day strategic planning sessions with all senior leaders in your organization, leading you from your annual strategic planning to your quarterly follow-ups. We cover core strategic concepts including purpose, values, big hairy audacious goals, brand promises, organizational structure, 5-year, 1-year, and quarterly priorities, and more.

Meeting Rhythm Training: When properly implemented, meetings ensure that information flows throughout the organization and allow companies to quickly respond to important events. The faster the information can flow, the more effective a business can be. We train you on The Big Five and set you up for success by covering how to get started, the key success factors to great meetings, and the essential templates and tools to use.

Onsite Training and Support: How do you prepare for meetings? What happens when things go off the rails? Where can you improve? We provide onsite training and support that covers preparing for meetings, in-meeting coaching, and post-meeting debriefs for each of The Big Five.

Online Training and Support: Online training and support to further develop your strategy and implementation skills is provided via our website, our monthly insights newsletter, and email.

Strategic Planning and Implementation Training
Strategic Planning Facilitation and Training 40 hours
Meeting Rhythm Training 5 hours
Onsite Training and Support 5 hours
Online Training and Support Unlimited
Program Duration 12 months
Total Program Cost $9,897 + GST / participant (min. 3 participants)

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What are the dates?

Start dates are flexible due to the program’s custom nature. The program runs for 12 months.

Who are the instructors?

  • Tara Landes is the Founder and President of Bellrock Benchmarking. She earned her MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario.
  • Gabriel Dhahan is a Consultant at Bellrock Benchmarking. He earned his MBA from Royal Roads University and the Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) designation from Family Enterprise Xchange.
  • Adam Holcombe is a Consultant at Bellrock Benchmarking. He earned his MBA from the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University.
  • Anna Migicovsky is a Consultant at Bellrock Benchmarking. She earned her MBA from the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University.

Where is training held?

Facilitation and training sessions are held at your office or an appropriate off-site location. Onsite support can be provided remotely if needed.

Is financial assistance possible?

Yes! Certain businesses and individuals are eligible for financial assistance. Please contact us for more details.

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What others are saying

“Mind. Blown. In the hour I spent with Tara I learned more about an effective sales process than all the business books I’ve read in the last 10 years. No kidding. Tara is highly effective, will provide clear, actionable insight, and knows how to make it all work for you. Seriously, she is worth her weight in gold.”

Karyn Zuidinga, CEO
Analytic Design Group

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