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Applied Excel for Reporting and Analytics

Who needs this training?

This course is designed for small businesses that want their staff to develop reporting and analytics capabilities. Students in this course will learn how to analyze financial and operational data without relying on third-party proprietary software. Instead, students will learn how Microsoft Excel can be leveraged to solve small business challenges.

What makes this course unique?

We teach this course with a case study that takes students through the typical growth stages of a small business. Students will learn how to solve everyday business challenges with reports and dashboards that increase in complexity as the business grows. This course covers many of the same concepts we apply to our clients every day.

What is the format and cost?

The program consists of six three-hour classes held weekly. Start and end dates are flexible based on company needs. All training is held at client premises.

The class requires a minimum of 10 participants. The cost per participant is $600+GST.

Is financial assistance possible?

Certain businesses and individuals are eligible for financial assistance. Please contact us for more details.

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Who are the instructors?

Norman Tan

As Bellrock’s first employee, Norman has implemented lasting change in companies in industries that include food production, advertising and engineering. In his current role as Director, he drives Research and Development at Bellrock to ensure our clients receive tried and tested best practices. He trains all Bellrock consultants in practical Excel applications and has over 12 years of experience with the software. He is also the lead instructor for clients.

Before Bellrock, Norman held roles in finance focusing on technology and mining. Other roles include positions in startups and as founder of his own small businesses. He obtained a B.Comm with honours from the Sauder School of Business, UBC and is a CFA charterholder.

Gabriel Dhahan

Gabriel joined Bellrock as a consultant in 2015. A well-rounded professional with many years of experience, he is known for his broad technological knowledge and his ability to explain complex concepts and ideas. Like the rest of the team, he is passionate about helping others achieve lasting, valuable change.

For the 7 years prior to joining Bellrock, Gabriel operated in a management consulting capacity for a variety of companies. Other roles include positions with an IT consulting firm, a post-secondary institution, a real-estate development company, and various retail outfits, as well as a founder of his own IT consulting company. He holds an MBA from Royal Roads University, complementing his prior business education at BCIT and technical certifications from Microsoft and CompTIA. A life highlight of his includes living abroad for a year in Lima, Peru, where he learned Spanish, hiked the Inca Trail, and fell in love with Peruvian cuisine.

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Training Modules

Session 1 – Building a foundation

This class begins with the case study introduction that is the foundation for the entire course. In this session, participants will use supplier costing worksheets to determine margins and pricing for products. They will also learn how create client ready worksheets to convey critical information.

Session 2 – Input validation

Students will learn about the typical challenges companies face when working with input from their customers and suppliers. Participants will learn how to create robust forms with data validation to decrease errors and save time.

Session 3 – Automatic look-ups

In this session, the business has grown to include offices in multiple cities. Participants will learn how to create an inventory management system with look-ups to automatically calculate costs across regions.

Session 4 – Filtering information

In this session, participants will learn to manipulate information from their ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management) platforms to gain actionable insights.

Session 5 – Slicing and dicing data

This session builds upon session four and teaches participants how to summarize their insights gleaned from the ERP and CRM. Students will learn how to prepare interactive reports that allow senior management to drill down to information that is relevant for them.

Session 6 – Benchmarking with Dashboards

Participants in this session will take on the role of the company controller. They will learn how to combine everything they have learned to create a company dashboard that tracks all key performance indicators.

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