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Bookkeeper, Controller, or CFO?

& Management, Measurement.

Bookkeeper, Controller, or CFO - Who do you need?

What Position Do You Need? When starting a business, the leader or a family member often “handles the books” given the sensitive nature of the information and the minimal time required for this task when a company has few transactions to process. While the leader sees this work as mostly administrative, the value of the… Read more »

What is Benchmarking?

& Leadership, Measurement.

The word benchmarking means many things to many people. “Benchmarking” evaluates performance by measuring what companies are doing or / and the results they are getting against some predetermined standards. Companies that benchmark can identify best practices and apply them to their own business. The greatest benefit of benchmarking is its ability to introduce a… Read more »

Better Meetings Today

& Accountability, Leadership, Measurement.

In 2012, London Business School and Harvard Business School teamed up to study the “span of activity” of several CEOs.[1] This is academic speak for the question, “what do business leaders do all day?” Their findings concluded that CEOs spend 1/3 of their time in meetings. No shocker there. Communication is the cornerstone of any business’s operating… Read more »

Staff Appreciation

& Accountability, Leadership, Measurement.

But it is not always easy to find ready-made, hospitable, seasoned service people. Is good help hard to find, or can you take anyone and make them great? Small business leaders often side with the former, but best practices repeatedly prove the latter is more accurate. Let’s take a look at some of the best… Read more »

Key Supplier Attributes

& Measurement, Production, Project Management.

“We offer the highest quality, the best service, and the lowest price. You can have any two you want.” –          Unknown Salesman There are many attributes prospects are looking for from their supplier and the sales people who say “they all just want the cheapest one” is doing your company a disservice. Describing your prospects’… Read more »

3 Checklists for Managing Projects

& Measurement, Project Management.

Outsiders have little appreciation for how difficult it is to profitably grow your business. The more time you spend in the office bringing in the next project or managing the staff, the further removed you are from wearing a tool belt in the field. This results in a gap in oversight and a greater challenge to… Read more »

Do You Know Your Business Terminology?

& Accountability, Measurement.

Recently, at a fundraising luncheon for the Minerva Foundation, I was seated next to a woman who sold regalia. “Do you know what that is?” she asked. “Yes, of course,” the words jumping from my mouth before I had the chance to think. It sounded familiar. “What is it then?” she asked. “It has something to do with the flags ships fly that represent letters.” I smiled confidently until she clipped me with a terse, “No.”