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5 Steps to Developing Great Managers

& Leadership.

It’s a classic business error. The best sales person is promoted to management, causing revenues to suffer as they divert attention from making their own sales to performing management activities ineffectively. And it doesn’t just happen in sales. The same scenario plays out: In professional service organizations the most capable engineer begins to manage staff,… Read more »

Break the Procrastination Habit

& Accountability.

Everyone experiences it – knowing something needs to be done but finding every possible reason not to do it. Eventually, the deadline looms and we do it – or we don’t, in which case it probably wasn’t that important anyway. Like most business problems, getting out of the rut requires a clear strategy. Here’s how… Read more »

What is Benchmarking?

& Leadership, Operations.

The word benchmarking means many things to many people. “Benchmarking” evaluates performance by measuring what companies are doing or / and the results they are getting against some predetermined standards. Companies that benchmark can identify best practices and apply them to their own business. The greatest benefit of benchmarking is its ability to introduce a… Read more »

How to Deal With Problem Employees

& Accountability, Leadership.

Problem employees are middling performers with middling attitudes. Often, they do one or two things very well but are dreadful at others. Sometimes they are capable of doing almost any job in the company, but excel at nothing. Regardless, you know that the people in your company are its greatest asset. You want to treat… Read more »

Never Make These 4 Hiring Mistakes

& Accountability, Leadership.

Recruiting is a process that can be optimized and improved over time. The best companies know this and put their greatest efforts into their “people systems” in an effort to build an engaged workforce. Recruiting is just the first step in that process, and employee engagement starts there. According to Gallup, “Work units in the… Read more »

The Art of Leadership

& Leadership.

The Art of Leadership is a one day conference on September 14th, 2015 that features five internationally renowned thought leaders on today’s critical issues. Join us using the promo code BELLROCK27 to save $100 before July 24. Get your tickets before they sell out!

Are You Cyber Secure?

& Leadership.

Cyber Security is among the most misunderstood and under-appreciated risks to smaller businesses today. Leaders think, “Why would they attack us when Sony and Target are so ripe for the plucking!” But did you know that in 2013, the US government notified 3,000 companies of all sizes that they had been hacked – and Verizon… Read more »

The CrossFit of Personal Goal Setting

& Leadership.

What do you want next from your life? About a quarter of my practice involves working with people who are at a crossroads and having a tough time articulating where to go next. These are accomplished business owners that have achieved success – financial success, family, friends, health – however you want to define it…. Read more »