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How Busy People Keep Current

& Leadership.

How can business people stay informed, current, even ahead of the competition when it comes to the best practices in their industry? Good time management skills help, but the world does not need another time management article. Assuming you know to set goals, prioritize, commit, etc. where can you find the information you need and the time to consume it?

Creative Market Segmentation

& Sales, Strategy.

I’m in the market for a house. We relocated to Vancouver a couple of years ago and decided to rent until we were more established in the new city. But with two small children and two growing start-up businesses, it’s time to put down some more permanent roots. Now that we’re looking at buying, I find myself closely analyzing the options for contractors and interior designers.

Key Supplier Attributes

& Sales.

“We offer the highest quality, the best service, and the lowest price. You can have any two you want.” – Unknown Salesperson There are many attributes prospects are looking for from their supplier and the salespeople who say “they all just want the cheapest one” is doing your company a disservice. Describing your prospects’ possible… Read more »

Upfront Contracts

& Accountability, Management.

Is it possible to change the behavior of Pete the Promiser? You know Pete. He’s the guy that tells you he’ll get the job done by a certain deadline but never does. He doesn’t warn you that he’s going to be late. He doesn’t even realize he didn’t do it until you ask him for it. And when you do, he’s got an excuse. If you point out the excuse is a lame one, he’ll either get angry at you (the best defense is a good offence) or he’ll take full responsibility “Yes, my bad. I’m so sorry.” Then he’ll turn around and do the same darn thing next week.