Who You Are

You’ve graduated from Management Foundations and you loved it. Not just the tools, content, and group learning but also the one-on-one coaching. You have realized that dedicating a few hours a month to your own professional development is good for your career and good for your team. It’s time for more. You’re good at setting expectations, delegating, and motivating, but are ready to deepen your leadership and management practice.

Bellrock’s Advanced Management program peels back the onion further, deepening the learning on how to interact with your team, how to plan for your company, and how to manage yourself. It is suited to those that have managed teams for a while and are interested in being the best leaders and managers they can be, regardless of industry. Bellrock Management Foundations is a prerequisite.

What to Expect

Our Advanced Management program includes:

A lot of engagement and collaboration. If you’ve taken Bellrock Management Foundations then you know that our training modules are not sit-back and watch experiences, they’re workshops. Over our time together you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on the implementation of what you learned and add to that knowledge with new skills to propel your management practice. You will meet a new cohort of like-minded people dedicated to becoming the best managers ever.

Four, 3-hour workshops. These are a combination of live lecture, videos, whole group participation, and breakouts where we assign people to small working groups to collaborate. There are different groups for different activities so you get to know your classmates. We also use polls and quizzes and test your knowledge in fun ways.

Four, 1-hour one-on-one coaching sessions. You get focused attention to deepen your management practice, advance further in your career, and solve your toughest problems. These sessions are customized just for you.

“Advanced Management was much more than I expected. I was able to take away valuable tactics and tools to manage both up and down within my organization. Lots to unpack, but very helpful in managing the team.”

Our Training Modules

Our Advanced Management training program is designed to take leaders and managers to the next level. It covers the following four modules, each of which includes a 3-hour workshop and a 1-hour coaching session:

Managing Company Performance

Participants will dive deeply into the strategic, tactical, and financial metrics of organizational health. Is everyone in your company working toward a common goal? Do you have the “right” people? Are they doing things the “best” way? Are you confident your customers will be delighted every time? Participants will learn how to answer these questions and what to do when they don’t like the answers. They will also understand how Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) shape performance. Common KPIs will be explored, the concept of leading and lagging indicators will be covered, as will best practices in implementing these measurements.

Concepts covered: Organizational health, function accountability chart, KPIs, and dashboards.

Tough Talk

Participants will learn about tough talks and the art of better communication. We teach how to create a safe environment for communication and develop action plans to deal with the toughest roadblocks. Participants will also learn how to coach others and deliver great feedback.

Concepts Covered: Identification of tough talks, using KIND communication, personal styles, establishing goals, controlling emotions, and communication escalation.

Managing Yourself

Participants will learn about the challenges with self-awareness, the difference between introspection and insight, and tools for how to better manage themselves, personally and professionally.

Concepts Covered: Self-awareness, Dunning-Kruger Effect, pre-mortems, blind-spots and the cult of self, absolute truth, rumination, the seven pillars of insight, mindfulness, personal operating manuals, how to maximize feedback, and growth mindset.

Leading Change

Participants will learn about leading and managing change. We will cover the manager’s role in creating understanding, addressing WIIFM, education, ability, and the need for reinforcement of any change initiative.

Concepts Covered: Change communication best practices, common implementation roadblocks, how to motivate individuals toward change, and training best practices.

Public Cohorts

We offer three public cohorts of Advanced Management each year. While we’re based in Canada, our training is accessible globally. Late registration is available for cohorts that are currently running and pre-registration is available for future cohorts. Reserve your spot today!

Past Cohort

Spring 2023

Start: May 17, 2023

Four sessions on the third Wednesday of each month from 9 AM to 12 PM PST.

  • May 17: Managing Company Performance
  • Jun 21: Tough Talk: How to Have the Conversations You’ve Been Avoiding
  • Jul 19: Managing Yourself
  • Aug 16: Leading Change

$1,995 CAD + GST / participant

Registration Closed
Current Cohort

Fall 2023

Start: September 6, 2023

Four sessions on the first Wednesday of each month from 9 AM to 12 PM PST.

  • Sep 6: Managing Company Performance
  • Oct 4: Tough Talk: How to Have the Conversations You’ve Been Avoiding
  • Nov 1: Managing Yourself
  • Dec 6: Leading Change

$1,995 CAD + GST / participant

Registration Closed
Next Cohort

Winter 2024

Start: January 10, 2024

Four sessions on the second Wednesday of each month from 9 AM to 12 PM PST.

  • Jan 10: Managing Company Performance
  • Feb 14: Tough Talk: How to Have the Conversations You’ve Been Avoiding
  • Mar 13: Managing Yourself
  • Apr 10: Leading Change

$1,995 CAD + GST / participant

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Foundational Training

Our Management Foundations provides managers and managers-to-be with the knowledge and skills to effectively recruit, direct, develop, and motivate staff. It is a prerequisite for taking Advanced Management, which can be taken immediately afterwards as part of a bundle.

Private Training

Private training is ideal for organizations that would like the training delivered to them exclusively or would like to customize the curriculum. They must have ten or more people who wish to participate in training. Sessions can be held virtually, at Bellrock facilities, or at client offices.

Meet The Trainers

Our trainers are the same as our consultants. Why? Because we believe that the best trainers regularly practice what they preach and have years of proven experience working with business leaders and managers.

Tara Landes

President and Founder

Tara Landes is the Founder and President of Bellrock. Tara has spent 20+ years consulting and training in small to medium-sized enterprises. She has worked directly with the leaders and managers of dozens of businesses. A sought-after speaker on a wide range of business topics, Tara has delivered workshops and seminars at conferences and industry associations across Canada.

Prior to founding Bellrock, Tara worked with a Toronto-based consultancy, bringing several years of sales experience in the technology and public market sectors. In her role as Director of Implementation Services for that firm, Tara spent most of her time implementing lasting, valuable changes for clients. She was involved in researching and disseminating best practices across the implementation team and ensuring positive results for each client.

Tara obtained a BA (Honours) in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario (UWO) and earned an MBA from UWO’s Richard Ivey School of Business.

Gabriel Dhahan


Gabriel (Gabe) Dhahan is a Partner with Bellrock. An experienced professional with over 10 years working in a management consulting capacity, Gabe is known for his broad knowledge and ability to explain complex concepts and ideas. He has worked with small business and family enterprise clients in construction, food services, digital marketing, distribution, and more. Like the rest of the team, he is passionate about solving tough problems and enjoys digging in to ensure that leaders achieve lasting, valuable change.

Before Bellrock, Gabe spent several years in technology consulting and worked for a wide variety of small businesses. He earned his MBA from Royal Roads University, is a designated Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) through Family Enterprise Canada (FEC), and is an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF). He serves as an FEC Ambassador, is a Project Advisor with FEC’s FEA program, and participated as a mentor in YWCA’s NextStep program.

Matt Wills


Matt Wills is a Management Consultant with Bellrock. Matt brings a diverse set of skills having worked in front line, hands-on operations and managing businesses. He has a passion for helping organizations understand their purpose, identify improvement opportunities, and implement long lasting solutions.

Prior to joining Bellrock, Matt gained management experience in agriculture, customer service, and logistics. In these roles he implemented system and process changes to improve operations and overall performance. Matt earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce at Lincoln University, New Zealand. In his spare time Matt enjoys cycling, hiking, and skiing, and can be found seeking out BC’s best hot chocolate!

Andrea Spiegel


Andrea Spiegel is a Management Consultant with Bellrock. Andrea has over 15 years of experience in operations leadership spanning multiple industries including entertainment, wellness, service, trades, and manufacturing. She excels at working with small- to medium-sized businesses to help them define long-term goals, identify gaps in current systems, and map out tangible strategies for sustainable growth.

Prior to joining Bellrock, Andrea worked in operations management roles in a variety of professional environments and has worked with multiple start-ups to scale their businesses. She earned her Bachelor of Arts (Communication Studies) from the University of Calgary, and serves as a member of the Board of Directors for Mission Possible, a Vancouver charity on the Downtown Eastside dedicated to transforming lives through meaningful work. When she’s not working, you can find Andrea in the mountains around Squamish, hiking, camping, or skiing.


There are a lot of leadership development and management training programs out there. Click on the following FAQs to learn more about what makes our training unique and to answer your specific questions.

What level of manager gets the most out of the program?

Management is like an artichoke. So many layers and some are really spiky! Our programs are designed to meet the learner where they are at in terms of their leadership and management experience. However, this program is specifically designed for people who are already managing others and have taken our Management Foundations program.

What makes this program unique?

We go beyond just theory and the classroom by helping participants implement what they learn and build capacity in their organization. During our 1:1 coaching sessions, individuals learn how to overcome their specific management challenges so that the results stick.

Is it online or in person?

All of our public classes have been painstakingly designed to deliver the best experience online. Further details are released during intake. We can deliver in-person training for private cohorts.

How much time does it take?

Workshops are three hours per month. One-on-one coaching is an additional hour each month. Ideally, you will also spend time reviewing and using the content in your daily management practice to reap the most value from those four hours.

How Much Does It Cost?

$1,995 CAD + GST per participant.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

We are confident that our program will make a meaningful impact in your professional role and we would love the opportunity to address any concerns about the value of our training. If a participant chooses to withdraw from the program and they do so before the second module begins, we offer a full refund. We don’t charge for time. We charge for results.

Is Financial Assistance Possible?

Yes! Many businesses are eligible for financial assistance via grant programs. For participants in Canada, the Canada Job Grant is available in several provinces. For example, under the B.C. Employer Training Grant program (BC ETG) guidelines, eligible employers may receive up to 80% of eligible training costs, up to a maximum of $10,000 per participant per fiscal year. Please contact us for more details.

Do you offer a foundational program?

Yes, please see our Management Foundations training program.

We typically require that you take it prior to joining Advanced Management. You can bundle Management Foundations and Advanced Management to make it a full year of remarkable classroom instruction and 1:1s. Registering for the complete management training bundle makes it easier if you are applying for grant funding or if you want to guarantee your space in the Advanced program.

What if I miss a class?

The sessions are not recorded. However, if you miss one you can join another time. In fact, as a graduate you can come back to any class at no cost to you. We love welcoming returning students who are refreshing their knowledge.

Are classes recorded for later viewing?

The sessions are not recorded, as we know that live participation results in significantly better results.

If you miss a class, you can join one another time. In fact, as a graduate you can come back to any class at no cost to you. We love welcoming returning students who are refreshing their knowledge.

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