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Management Consulting Testimonials

People who’ve worked with us say:


“I’ve worked with many consultants but working with Bellrock has been a much different experience. You guys not only discuss what needs to get done, you actually help make it happen and ensure that the change sticks as habit.”

Jeremy Miller, President, Houston Landscapes


“They showed us how to fine tune our selling skills. Sales have increased 20% over last year and we continue to learn and benefit from them.”

Laura Hansen, President, Image Group

Smith Cameron Process Solutions

“Thank you. Feedback from the group was very consistent. ‘That was the best meeting we ever had.'”

Tom Kramer, President, Smith Cameron Process Solutions


“Bellrock’s implementation process is akin to the adage: “Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” As a teacher by training, I know this is the way that education should occur and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Bellrock knows what needs to be done.”

Susan Braverman, CEO, Textile Image &  The Flag Shop

“The staff that worked with us were all diligent, detailed oriented, and committed to our project. What I liked a lot was that they packaged those best practices with our information to create systems specifically for Williams and White. They helped us bring theory into reality.”

Justin Williams, CEO, Williams and White Inc.

Professional Services

“Our sales for the months of August and September were up 60% over May when they first started. I attribute much of that lift to their involvement and certainly wasn’t expecting those kinds of short term results!”

Chris Breikss, President, 6S Marketing

“Central to our success enabling us to grow from 30 to over 160 people was not slipping back into old habits. Bellrock not only helped train and implement what was missing, they taught us how to embrace change. We continue to use these skills regularly to keep improving our business. I never want us to stop using what Bellrock taught us.”

– Ryan Liebe, President, Triton Environmental


“Just having you here is giving me the ability to have more conversations with my people. I am really starting to see and understand the bigger picture.”

Stephanie Vogler, Owner, The Cross Décor and Design


Immediately I saw the impact of their work. The changes in orientation and structure have played a major role in our company having its two best sales months ever in its history. [a year later] we have experienced at least a 5:1 return and are 100% happy with their work.

John Blown, Managing Director, 6S Marketing